Nicki Minaj Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded Album Review

So the wait is finally over and by now most of us have had a listen. There's a lot of mixed feelings out there coz people had different expectations. When asked in an interview with Vibe recently about her album, Nicki responded with

"It’s going in a very free, exhilarating direction in terms of me owning who I am and me enjoying the process of making music. I think that when you get the album you’ll feel as if I had absolutely no boundaries. That’s probably the best way to explain it so that you understand. The album just has no boundaries. The album cannot be boxed in."

I can truthfully say that was the best way to describe Nicki's sophomore. She definitely had fun with it and made some good music in the process. Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded starts off hard , then halfway through it goes poppy. There is definitely something for everyone and I'm not just saying that. The album is not solid in that it does not follow a pattern however it comprises of some really good singles. It's a safe approach because it sells records and appeals to a wider audience. Not everyone  will look at it in the same way I did, so if you aint copped it yet , i wouldn't make any judgements before actually having a listen. Songs to look out for include  I Am Your Leader ft. Cam’ron & Rick RossBeez In The Trap ft. 2 Chainz and not forgetting Champion ft. Nas, Drake & Young Jeezy. 



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