Nas 'Life Is Good' Album Review

Life Is Good is Nas'  long awaited 10th album. The album confirms Nas' longevity, with the classic feel of his previous albums. The cover which caused a bit of a stir with ex-wife Kelis, features the green wedding dress she wore when they tied the knot but as Nas revealed on his VH1 Behind the Music special, she left the dress when she suddenly moved out and wanted a divorce. On the first track 'No Introductions' Nasir explains what the album is about:

"Reveal my life, you will forgive me
You will love me, hate me, judge me, relate to me
Only a few will, this how it sounds when you too real
They think it’s just music still
Well I am a graphic classic song composer
Music notes on sheets, I wrote this piece to get closure
Some of y’all might know Kelis – this goes to her with love
Also goes to y’all, let’s see
The craziest things already happened to me
So either you’ll be laughing at me or you’re laughing with me, ha"

With beats by No I.D., Salaam Remi, Swizz Beatz aswell as disco sample and lyrical references to the subway. It echos some of the themes fans first fell in love with on Nas’  Illmatic (which is  one on of hiphops greatest albums). Look out for Cherry Wine ft. Amy Winehouse as well as Summer On Smash ft, Swizz Beatz & Miguel. 
Life Is Good not just worth the listen, it's a definite must have.

At a recent album release party Nas went on to say: 
“This is music that I just put together, I’m praying will be the inspiration for my brothers that’s in the rap game. I think a lot of us are confused about who we are. It’s important that we stay ten toes down at all time.
F–k pop, f–k all that shit. We don’t imitate pop, pop imitates us! So that’s why we go back to the gutter. We’re number one in about 5 or 6 countries around the world. And none of this is pop. Stick to your guns, do what you do….”



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