The Weeknd 'Wicked Games' (Explicit) | Trilogy Tracklisting

Trilogy will be The Weeknd's  major-label debut release.The album will include his critically acclaimed mixtapes(House of BalloonsThursdayEchoes of Silence) as well as 3 new songs which are Twenty Eight, Valerie, Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun), as well as the long-awaited video for The Zone ft. Drake. Check out the tracklist for Trilogy below and the visual for Wicked Games.

The Weeknd – Trilogy (Tracklisting):
Part 1: House of Balloons
1. High for This
2. What You Need
3. House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls
4. The Morning
5. Wicked Games
6. The Party & The After Party
7. Coming Down
8. Loft Music
9. The Knowing
10. Twenty Eight New

Part 2: Thursday
1. Lonely Star
2. Life of the Party
3. Thursday
4. The Zone (Feat. Drake)
5. The Birds, Pt. 1
6. The Birds, Pt. 2
7. Gone
8. Rolling Stone
9. Heaven or Las Vegas
10. Valerie New

Part 3: Echoes of Silence
1. D.D.
2. Montreal
3. Outside
4. XO / The Host
5. Initiation
6. Same Old Song (Feat. Juicy J)
7. The Fall
8. Next
9. Echoes of Silence
10. Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun) New



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