Justin Timberlake 'The 20/20 Experience' Album Review

The 20/20 Experience is JT's third studio album and first since his music hiatus in 2006.  The album for me is a work of art. I really like how JT stuck to his music style and didn't get sucked in to this new dancey age we are in. The neo soul sound is mellow and mature yet catchy but not in a poppy kind of way. The musicality is unlike anything on radio at the moment.  The album style is a mixture of his previous work and some new stuff. 
 As executive producer, JT enlisted Timbaland,  Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon and Rob Knox whose sounds bring a little something extra (seven minute songs characterised by vamps, abrupt key changes, and unexpected rhythms and harmonies) to this album .Wether you are listening to the vocals / lyrical content or the production, you will still get captivated by this project. 




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