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Update After bringing Drake out for a surprise performance during Dollar and a Dream show at the Irving Plaza in New York, J. Cole and Drake headed straight to the Best Buy in Union Square to purchase Born Sinner. Album out now, Cop your copy on iTunes and check out the review after the video.

So after two years J.Cole has returned with his follow up album to Side-line Story. Admittedly he had set the bar high from his first album and I like most, feared after he had told his story on how he got to fame he would not impress 2nd time around, but I can comprehensively say he has not let down on his sophomore Born Sinner.  
From the first track ‘Villuminati’ you can instantly tell he has had a lot more creative input and speaking a lot more freely, with an addictive beat and a Biggie sample companied with references to most of the artists in the game he draws you in to the album. 
The next two tracks ‘Land of the Snakes’ and ‘Power Trip ft Miguel’ both feature clever word play about women and his past although not the most powerful tracks on the album and do seem to slow the momentum from ‘Villuminati’ they set the pace for the album and again showcase that this album is lyrically strong. 
After an interlude ‘Mo Money’ and then ‘Trouble’ another track which has a compelling beat and he tells 3 stories about women and how they can be ‘Trouble’ one of my favourite tracks on this album. ‘Runaway’ the next track which starts off with a Mike Epps cameo has got deep reality in the lyrics which I am sure everyone can relate to something said in the track. I see it being a favourite for most people. ‘She Knows ft Amber Coffman’ with a catchy chorus and a head bumping beat ups the tempo to the album but Cole manages to maintain the level of lyricism he has already show cased. 
‘Rich Ni**as’ undoubtedly the best track on the album in my opinion, would write a lot about this track but needs a listen and I am sure most people would agree with me. ‘Forbidden Fruit’ the biggest disappointment on the album. It's not because the track is not good but for the fact its featuring Kendrick Lamar and he does not do a feature verse, he is just on the hook (yes its true he features the best artist in the game now and lets him do just the hook) Shame on you J.Cole. 
From then on ‘Aint that some shit’ a really good track although just an interlude could have seen that being his club hit as it boasts a hypnotic beat and catchy hook. ‘Crooked Smile ft TLC’ what seems like a feel good song if I can call it that. Very similar to ‘TLC’s – Unpretty’ basically a song stating to people don’t change yourself, I am sure a lot of the ladies will have this on repeat. 
‘Let Nas Down’ what I would say the worst track on this album, a remake of Kanye West's Big Brother  (which I didn’t like) the track is an explanation to an issue which no one knew off and gives a shit about. None the less shows the creative freedom he had on this album to feature such garbage. I am sure he had his reasons for it though. 

All in all a really good album which you can have on repeat without getting bored of. Born Sinner I would say is almost a new classic album which I would recommend for a listen for both Hip Hop heads and music lovers. 

Give it a 3.5 out of 5

Due on June 18th, pre-oder your copy on iTunes and in the mean time stream the album here

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