Kanye West 'Yeezus' Album Review (From Two Different Perspectives)

Thought we’d do something a lil different this time round. We’ve given you two different perspectives of the album. We understand that music is like meat, we all like it served differently and some stay away completely. We are all about equal opportunities but really if you ask me you’d be a fool not to try it. Enjoy!

Yeezus Album review (The Real Deal) by SeanDJ
Been two days since the album has been out and to be honest first time i listened i was like, “this dude has gone mad, who does he think he is.” Truth be told thats the exact reaction Kanye was looking for. This album is not like your average hip-hop album, matter of fact i don’t even think you can call it hip-hop. Its a work of art. You could say Kanye is like the Picasso of the rap game. Started off doing what everyone  else was doing (His first Three Albums) then he moved away from the norm and started show casing his artistry a lot more. Its like he came out of his shell. Its very abstract and starts off with On Sight which has a distorted beat which makes u think there is something wrong with your stereo, not to mention it might pop your ear drum. Production is very minimalist and stripped down but it works a whole lot. Yezzy comes through with his usual egotistic lyrics which are very evident on I Am A God. A track that sparked a lot of talk on the internet as it features God himself (way to go Kanye). I could go on about this album all day but I’d rather you listen for your self and make your own opinion about it. 

4 Out of 5 (Only because nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement) 

Yeezus Review (Used be a fan of Kanye) by Dom Chibanda
To be honest didn’t know where to begin with this review, a difficult one for me because Kanye lost his appeal to me a few albums ago. None the less I have had a good listen to his new album Yeezus, a massive shock to my system is the kindest words I can say about it. 

From the first track ‘On Sight’ you get bombarded with a techno/disco tech type beat which makes you think you might have got the wrong album on you player. A bad start of things to come, at least that’s what I thought. Next track ‘Black Skinned’ a bit less out there with a up tempo beat something I could see Big Boi (OutKast) doing justice but instead there is Kanye talking about how amazing he is which goes on through the whole album and gets a bit mundane .
‘I Am A God’ the next track I was immediately hooked on this, the foul 808 and a Sizzla sample gets your head bumping and lyrically a decent effort from Kanye but repetitive. Initially thought is that it’s blasphemous but he states that there is a God above him and he is a God amongst other rappers. Would have been a the best track on the album but normal is not a word I can use for the end of the track (have a listen) 
‘New Slaves’ from this track I gave up on the production and focused on his lyrical content, which in all fairness was half decent and a rare track without him talking about himself. From ‘Hold my Liquor’ the next track I lost my patience with the album a track that is an instant skip for me.
‘I’m in it’ starts of a bit slow but its saving grace for this track was the hook and again I was depressed with Kanye lyrical content even the beat. From this point ‘Blood on the leaves’ was my favourite track on the album a 808 accompanied with a sing a long hook was a would be the easiest to listen to for most people. ‘Guilt Trip ft Kid Cudi’ and ‘Send it up’ are both not bad tracks on the album not anywhere as weird as the rest of it.
‘Bound’ a good way to end the album a taste of what Kanye is about an over sampled beat and humbled lyrics reminds me of his older stuff. 

In conclusion I would say this album is for the person who go in a gallery and admire a painting of a red dot and see beauty in it, unfortunately all I see is a red dot there is nothing beautiful about it. He has tried to push the boundaries of music again but I would say was a massive fail, if he could do an album anywhere near to the quality of his first three I would be a Kanye fan again but this was a big miss and not even a grower for me. 
1.5 Out of 5 (that’s being generous)



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