Wale 'The Gifted' Track By Track Album Review

I was gonna do a review on this album but my homie done his thing and gave you another track by track review. To be honest i had already made my mind up bout this album before Wale even started recording but i gave it a chance and yeah, there are some good tracks on here but i still think Cole's Born Sinner is a better album(thats my opinion though). Enjoy! The Gifted out now on iTunes

The Gifted Album Review by Dom Chibanda

So after his last mixtape which boasted one of the hottest singles so far this year ‘Bad ft Tiarra Thomas’ I personally have been looking forward to his album new ‘The Gifted’. The self-proclaimed “Maybach poetical genius” did not disappoint as well on this and lives up to his self-given title. 
From the beginning a clear difference to normal hip hop emerges with ‘The Curse of the Gifted’ a track with a soulful feel and catchy hook is a nice start to the album, ‘Love Hate thing ft Sam Drew’ the next track another soulful beat giving Wale a chance to showcase his lyrical skills not talking about the same thing every other rapper in game is on. ‘Sunshine’ an instant head bumping two stepping track with clever word play on how success will come and leave just as quickly.
‘Heavens Afternoon ft Meek Mill’ one of the weaker tracks on the album but saved by a verse from Meek his energy and lyrical content bring a different dimension to the otherwise plain track. ‘Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece)’ a clever track where he raps from the perspective of a Jesus Piece pendant and pulls it off really well. ‘Vanity’ a track that has Wale written all over it, initially thought he was on the bragging thing but he is stating how people will surround themselves with unnecessary things to impress other people. I would say my favourite track the hook is extremely hypnotising as well. 
‘Gullible ft Cee-lo’ a great combination between the two artist with Wale not letting down lyrically speaking on the brain washing power of the internet and TV a lot of views which I personally I agree with. ‘Bricks ft Yo Gotti & Lyfe Jennings’ speaks on the dope game an industry he not saying he can from but how some people have just that option, Yo Gotti impressed with a view of a dope boy which gives a different perspective to the track. ‘Clappers Juicy J & Nicki Minaj’ a track that feels out of place on the album, a typical Maybach Music Production but still impressive and can see this being his club banger. ‘Bad ft Rihanna (remix)’ a track which I felt didn’t need a remix if so should have been a lot better that what is on here a step down from the original, disappointing. ‘Tired of dreaming ft Ne-Yo & Rick Ross’ brings Ne-Yo out of his hiding place for a great hook accompanied with Ross and Wale delivering decent verses would say everyone’s favourite track on this album. 
‘Rotation ft Wiz Khalifa & 2 Chainz’ thought this was going to be the track that let me down knowing 2 Chainz track record, but he didn’t do badly and Wiz on his usual smoking BS delivers a steady verse and Wale tops it all of eliminating both previous verses. Hands down the best track. ‘Simple Man’ an old skool beat gives Wale a chance to bring his A game and bring it he does almost reminds me of a DMX hook and couldn’t compare his rap style to anyone a unique flow. ‘88’ & ‘Black Heroes’ a great way to finish the album both strong tracks both musically and lyrically.
I would say this is a great album and a must have for everyone as I see this as a new classic which will stand the test of time to come, a breath of fresh air to hear someone not talking about the same old shit that the game is over saturated with.  

4.5 Out of 5  



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