Beyoncé 'Beyoncé' | Album Review

Mrs Carter dropped her fifth solo album Beyoncé over the past weekend. The Visual album came as a surprise and has already sold over a million copies on iTunes alone.  Comprising of 14 songs and 17 videos.  The album is different from her usual work. Though she is still reaping feminism, there is more attitude. You'd say she had more fun with this one. She explains it more on her Self Titled Part 1 & Part 2: Imperfections.

Now I wouldn't call myself a big fan of Yoncé but i enjoy her music when I'm in the right mood. I mean she has a lovely voice, whats not to like about that. I was a bit hesitant when i first got the album but as i scanned the tracks and videos i was drawn in by the sexually charged and irresistible Drunk In Love which features husband Jay-Z.

You could easily say every track on there is a single. The album has a gritty or should I say feisty way about it but it still keeps its sexy not to mention the houston influence. Its commercially appealing and artistically enticing, just the right balance. Most of the production was handled by arcane producer BOOTS however we also see Pharrell on the disco sounding Blow and Timbaland on Grown Woman. Fellas i would advise listening to the album before checking out the videos coz you will definitely rate the album for the wrong reasons.  The album is solid and a very good listen. Cop it on iTunes and you can also check out the visual for XO below.



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