Childish Gambino 'Because The Internet' | Album Review

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, an actor, stand up comedian, writer, and rapper/singer- thats a lot of pies for one finger if you ask me. Now I caught on to Bino after i heard him on Jhené Aiko's Bed Peace (i knew of him previously but never really paid him no mind) and decided to guy the dude a chance. I did my research and looked forward to the release of his sophomore Because The Internet.  The album on it own is weird, i mean there are some gems on there (The Worst Guys ft. Chance The Rapper, Telegraph Ave, 3005 and Pink Toes ft. Jhené Aiko) but take those tracks out and you have a whole lot of noisy spacey jerky sounds, but it all made sense after learning of the 76-page, four-act screenplay that shares a title with the album. The screenplay which has sequential song prompts reveals the album to be more of an audio component to a bigger media picture. You could say the two compliment each other.  The production saves the album to a certain extent and lyricism/word play has definitely improved from Bino's earlier work. The album is mostly Bino and all features are limited to hooks except for Jhené Aiko's spot on Pink Toes. Because The Internet is def worth a listen and you can make up your own opinion of it. Personally I'm starting to get it on the forth listen but i wouldn't call it album of the year. 



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