Tune of the Week| Empire Cast - Good Enough

After the show Empire spread like wildfire quickly becoming the go show for family drama, music and power. The track of the week goes to the lesser praised Good Enough and earns a spot on the first draft of Tune Of The Week 

The show is predominately plotted around the music industry which means that there is a lot of music being performed and with that sport out hits with the most popular being Drip Drop. The official soundtrack dropped about a week or two ago (does the shurmda dance) and in there was one of my favourite track "Good Enough" which is sung by Jussie Smollet who plays the role of Jamal Lyon the gay son who in the song wishes he was good enough for his father. Production of the track is handled by the ever so good Timberland and provides a really good emotional driven track which is one of the standout tracks on the album. Peep the track below and make sure you comment below on what you think of the track