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I’ve always been passionate about fashion and I’m one those people that prefer to put a design on a tee instead of on paper or skin. Inspired by my love for urban street wear and the sneaker culture. 


The name came about in 2010/2011 - originally an urban music blog I created to the stay connected to the music while I took a break from DJing. Even back then I was messing around with logos but nothing really stood out. Fast forward to  2020, messing around on photoshop I came up with the mirrored logo and decided to put it on a tee. 


The design caught the attention of a couple of friends and before you know it everyone in my circle wanted one. So I decided to start a little company to share this with the rest of the World. 


Thank you for passing through, we hope you like what you see. 

Sean Chipendo

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